Test for Full-Stack developer:


You need to create a simple commenting system (front-end and administration area) with the Yii framework:


  • Front-end: A person fills in a comment filed (makes a post) without logging in. The post appears in the comments feed.

  • Administration area: the administrator logs in and sees the list of comments (content, date, etc.), can edit the comment / delete it. When a new comment was posted in front-end - administrator sees it in administrative area's list of comments updated in realtime (web-sockets are used for this), also notification about new comment pops out.

Test for candidate to the support team:


  1. Our client wrote us this question:
    • I made the website with, but I bought the domain through How can I move my domain to
    • Q: What would be Your answer?
  2. Our CEO is going to Tanzania and he needs to find LinkedIn contacts of these companies executives: and
    • Q: Can you help him?
  3. You need to drive from point A to point B for a total of 5,000km in 15 days.
    • 2 car rental conditions:
      • A.  200€ / day, and no limits on kilometers
      • B.  60€ / day, but has limited milage 120km per day. The next kilometers will cost 0.80€ / km;
    • Q: What is the cheapest way to do this?
  4. We have new functionality: We want to write about it in the forum:
    • Q: Where exactly to write about it? How would the post look like (that wouldn’t be blocked)?
  5. Practical task
    1. Register on
    2. Create Personal website about yourself. Requiremnts:
      1. Use different elements (text, image, gallery, youtube, ...)
      2. Mobile version should work properly
      3. Park existing (or purchase) domain or subdomain (not to this website
    3. Create Cloud brand on the "License" page.
      • Completely fill the brand with information (steps 1-3). Logo as your picture, russian as default language, dark mode
      • Demo builder should work with ANY subdomain (not
    4. Create Online store about Прокат строительного инструмента в Бресте
      • Add 3 Items to the store
      • Publish it
    5. Q: We need as result: 5.2 and 5.4 urls, 5.3 public demo url